For expert commercial moving and storage services in Fresno, CA, is the superior choice of companies. We can execute a wide array of commercial moving services based on the exact needs of your business, from moving your office to a different floor in your corporate building to rigging a heavy MRI machine for a local hospital. Our experience, full fleet of equipment, trained crews and innovative technologies ensure a turnkey transportation and warehousing solution for your business.Call us at for more information.

Fresno Commercial Moving Company

Moving your office? We can move your business within the same building or clear across the globe with our business relocation services. In addition to the packing, crating and systematic tagging of office products, we can also handle your furniture installation requirements. From disassembly and assembly to space planning assistance, our installers can do it all.

Should you require storage along the way or as a separate service itself, we have a wide array of commercial storage services. Our secure, state-of-the-art warehouses have both vaulted and open racking storage space for your office furniture, equipment or commercial commodities. We also have an inventory management system, fire and theft alarms and closed circuit cameras for an organized, secure commercial storage space.

Do you need a warehousing and distribution service, we can provide a custom logistics solution for your business. Whether it’s receiving, storing, distributing and installing FF&E for a hotel move or distributing laptops for a local manufacturer, our crews can transport a wide range of products throughout California quickly and efficiently.

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