Our warehousing and storage services are the consummate assistant to streamline your relocation and distribution needs, regardless of size or type. By storing your belongings in our Houston warehouse, you can be confident that your items are organized and protected. With 7200 square feet of military-approved space to safely house an extensive range of products for our clients, our efficient warehousing and storage services are unparalleled in the industry. With thorough theft and fire protection systems in place as well as a comprehensive inventory management system, our Houston warehouse is equipped for even the best of items while being prepared for the worst of situations. Call for more information.

Commercial Distribution Houston

Our facility can handle any type of storage need and have solutions tailored to every situation and requirement. We offer medical storage for specific complex needs, such as both standard MRI storage and water-cooled MRI storage and solutions for x-rays, nuclear cameras and other sensitive equipment as well. Our Houston warehouse is also readily available for household storage and office storage. Whether seeking peace of mind for your cherished personal belongings or maintaining your company's productivity by having your products delivered to your customers, we will work with you on a customized, cost-effective solution that will meet your warehousing and storage needs.

Receiving, storing and even warehouse distribution are easily systematized so you can rest assured that Colonial Moving & Storage is the best provider of skilled, competent logistics services. If you have a need for local warehousing and storage services, contact dodge-x.ru, Inc. at our Houston warehouse today to discuss your specific needs with one of our professional and friendly staff.