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Third Party Services

Need third party moving services for that special relocation requirement?, Inc. offers a wide array of third party services to best suit your upcoming move, even if you have unique demands. Maybe you need a specific service to move your king sized waterbed, or special packing for your invaluable antiques. Regardless of your needs, no matter how complex or unusual, we have your solution with our diverse range of third party moving services.

Assembly/Disassembly, Disconnect/Connect Services

Our third party moving services include disassembly and assembly for a wide variety of items including swing sets, pool tables and more. We also provide disconnect and connect services for washer and dryers, icemakers and other appliances. Our professionals also provide waterbed services for our clients, where we will drain and pack the mattress properly for transport, ensuring no damage is incurred while being shipped. For our customers, our third party moving services are there to make sure even the most unique moving needs can be met.

Forklift Hauling and Crating Company: Colonial

Other third party moving services include custom crating for antiques, fine art and other valuable or fragile items which require special packing for transport. Our highly-trained professionals can also reconfigure and install modular and systems office furniture. We also specialize in forklift hauling for heavy or large items. At, Inc., we make it our priority to provide solutions to your moving needs. Our many third party moving services are there to ensure we can. Have a unique moving need? Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with a cost-effective solution.